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In our Blog you can find information on products, new proposals for shaving, hairstyles and collaborations. In addition, our staff, having at heart the world of cosmetics, publishes and seeks to disseminate articles that treat and raise awareness of this topic, also sharing with you new products, tutorials and characters that live in this industry. Within our Blog we often publish product promotions and free coupons, to be used to buy in our store.

Winter sport coming. How to protect your skin!

Frigid temperatures. Harsh winds. Dry air. You will need to protect your skin. This is especially true for those who decide to embrace winter’s harsh conditions by embarking upon winter adventures.They are our tips on how to keep your skin healthy. Hydrate it’s the password. Fortunately, using products that provide much-needed moisture can help your […]

Novemberd and Movember – Time to man up!

Have you noticed that in November there are many men with beards and moustaches? In November we both celebrate Novembeard, where I grow my beard and Movember where the participants grow their mustache. Do you ever wonder the reason? Where it was born? Novembeard and Movember were founded in Australia in 1999 to raise awareness […]

Care and maintenance of shaving brushes

First Use Regardless of the brush you have chosen, for the first use, or for use following a long period of pause, it is suggested to let the brush soak for approximately 12 hours to allow the bristles to hydrate. This process will not only give the flexibility needed to the bristles, but will also […]