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Information about our professional Shaving Brush Made in Italy

Information about our professional Shaving Brush Made for barbers and single customers, Made in Italy

Design is the starting point, the first phase of study and design for our products, accompanied by the development of an innovative project in the research of materials and shapes.

The uniqueness of our shaving brushes begins with the design of the Handle.

The handle from the unmistakable ergonomic shape is made of aluminium machined from solid, created on a lathe. This allows us to better control the production chain as each piece is refined by hand.

The colouring is made by an oxidation process in the tub. Such treatment makes the metal more resistant to shocks and wear due to aggressiveness of emulsifiers present in the shaving products or simply the ph of the user’s skin.

The surface of the handle will result finally porous ensuring excellent grip even with wet hands. The logo print is realized in tampography with specific waterproof ink for metal surfaces and suitable for contact with the skin.

The bristle, we have chosen for our brushes is natural. Horse hair and horse tail for the black model. Natural pig and bleached pig for our gold and silver models. Our continuous search for high-quality materials have led us to choose bristles Made in Italy.
To the touch you can note a hairs density superior to the standard. Furthermore tests show that it can retain 50% more water compared to a product that the market would define standard.

The best Italian creativity The place where everything moves and comes to life.

Our brand Atto Primo is in continuous research, development and design for high-level products designed and manufactured in Italy.

Atto Primo
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The best Italian creativity

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In our online shop of professional shaving brushes you can buy our products, we guarantee the quality of each product, which is created by us, designed, manufactured and packaged to guarantee the Italian production and its uniqueness.

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